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Doghouse was formed in 2018

Doghouse was formed in 2018 from members Safehouse John Bruce, Andrew Stirling and Sean Scott together with Iain Hanna and Sean. The set will always contains a mixture of original and covered tunes that lead themselves to improvisation and classic Safehouse interpretation.


band Line Up


Andrew Stirling - Bass Guitar

Original  Safehouse member, instigator and promoter. Firmly locked in with Sean Scott as the Doghouse belt and braces back line. 
The Doghouse sound needs a lot of bottom end so the Bass guitars of choice are a vintage sunburst les Paul and a Honey telecaster shaped G and L mixed with a vintage 72 Fender .




John Bruce - Lead Guitar

 (Captain Chaos)

John has come a long way for one of the boys who jammed on the school theatre steps at lunch time. He has always been happiest with a guitar in his hand and has tried his best to stick to a real bluesman lifestyle

Capable of lifting the proceedings to a new high John always entertains. (He has more tricks than Paul Daniels). Over the years he has supported BB King , Bo Diddley, Robert Cray, JohnMayall, Jack Bruce, Junior Wells, Van Morrison, Albert King, Otis Rush and many others, and has recorded with Ian Stewart ( The Stones fifth member) and Lou Martin (Rory Gallagher).

Touring Europe with Blues and Trouble for festivals and to support their many CD launches became a way of life for John along with the occasional jaunt to the States, (his guitar still hangs on the wall in the Rum Boogie Bar in Memphis) . Then came the children, the wife and a period of settled home life and an end to the B and T lifestyle. Donít worry folks, you canít keep a good man down and John can still hold a note, play great slide and go on a bender with the best of them, and the best news of all is that he is back writing again ,Europe here we come Ö..


Sean Scott - Drums


Sean started playing with Indie Rock band The Subject (which included  Pete Wishart who went on to be keyboard player in early Big Country and  RunRig but is now an SNP MP!) Sean then played with Indie Rock Band Fifth Estate before joining Bues n Trouble where he featured on all their albums between 1984 and 1990; including Lazy Lester Rides Again; Slim Tab Hunters ď Rockin n BeatinĒ and other session stuff he canít remember now. Having taken a twenty year break he's now back playing with Safehouse. His drumming influences were Neil Peart (Rush) and then later Fran Christina (Fab T-Birds) and is a Steve Earle. Memorable gigs included Preservation Hall & the Queens Hall in Edinburgh  but hit the festival highs with Blues in Trouble playing on the back of a flatbed lorry outside the high flats in Broomhoose!

 Iain Hannah - Organ

Bio to come


Sean - Vocals

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